April Small Goals

Sometimes we all feel like an upside-down walk sign.

Hm. This thing still here?

I need to plan a bit more if I actually want to maintain a blog! Or rather, I need to stop overthinking and give myself permission to just write. Not every post has to be rich with insight or full of progress photos. Sometimes, I might just want to check in, perhaps talk about the books I’ve read or some other observation of mine that doesn’t have much weight behind it but would be nice to jot down and would maybe resonate with someone else.

(I’ve been talking a lot with my therapist about how hard I am on my own ideas and whether anyone would care about them, and if other people caring about them really matters as much as I think it does, can you tell?)

So. With that spirit in mind, I thought I might dive in to Feel Good, Dress Better‘s Small Goals link-up. Part of me feels awkward about it, like I’m inviting myself to a party. (See what I mean about overthinking?) But I’ve been making myself engage a bit more with the world – replying to tweets if I have something encouraging to say, reacting to Instagram stories with enthusiasm, things like that. If I want to stop feeling like I’m on the outside looking in, perhaps I should pry myself away from the windows and knock on the door.

April’s Goals:

  1. Spend Less: A very descriptive goal, huh? I want to be more aggressive about saving money for things I want to do, rather than mindlessly buying coffees and lunches and who knows what else. I have a few conventions I’m planning to go to and need to stockpile travel funds, and I want to be able to visit friends a bit more spontaneously, so positioning myself so that I’m A) not in debt in any way and B) able to build a travel-focused savings funds are some of my long-term goals. Shorter term, that means spending less day-to-day. Time to put my travel mugs to use!
  2. Sew More: I feel like I haven’t really participated in my hobbies lately, so I hope to finish two to three sewing projects this month. I have a few close to done, which I’m letting myself count, because I want to be kind to myself in this small way.
  3. Closet Clean-Out: Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading so many style blogs and interacting with the makers of fabulous, geeky clothes, but I’ve had my personal style on the brain. It feels like I’m finally figuring out what I want to wear, and letting myself actually wear it. Which means I’ve got a lot of clothes that I don’t enjoy wearing, and need to figure out the gaps in my wardrobe that need filling! April’ll be when I sort through and figure this out.
  4. Buy Lavender Oil: I swear this didn’t just spontaneously become my shopping list. I’ve been having Mystery Hives for about a month now, and I’m losing my mind over it. Lavender oil was recommended to me as a way to sooth it, and hey, worst case scenario I just smell lovely and relaxing, so I’ll try it.
  5. Be On Social Media Less: This kind of contrasts with the whole “fighting the outside looking in” mentality, but I’ve come to recognize that being on social media is really bad for my mental health. I’m very susceptible to the comparison game. It’s unavoidable in my field, but since I can’t really participate in the comparison (I don’t write for that kind of publication) it tricks me into thinking I’m producing nothing because I have nothing to share, when in reality I’m doing a lot. Limiting my exposure to it is for the better – and may encourage me to do thinks like sewing, closet cleaning, and meal-prepping!

I’m hoping my goals work together, so rather than 5 disparate goals it’s really more like 4 interwoven goals + lavender oil. (I firmly believe in setting one very easy to achieve task, be it a to-do list or a goals list, because if nothing else you can tackle that and feel somewhat accomplished.) Let’s see how this goes.

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